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Success Stories

  • “The HIT Marketplace connects our companies, enabling them to exchange commercial interests.”

    Colas van de Valk, Director HIT Profit
  • “As entrepreneurs, we have the moral responsibility to think about how we can be part of a circular economy approach, making optimal use of materials and equipment.”

    Erwin Dresen, Lead Buyer BESIX
  • “At Solaris Parksharing we aim to encourage companies to make more efficient use of equipment, services and facilities, by sharing this on a local level. With the parksharing tool we try to encourage sustainability and more local collaboration as well”

    Christel Tax, Parkmanager at Solaris Parkmanagement
  • “The internal sharing marketplace gives all different VDL locations the tool to make more efficient use of exisiting company assets.“

    VDL Group
  • “The internal sharing marketplace that FLOOW2 developed for us is the perfect opportunity to limit waste, help each other and make efficient use of our funds.”

    Peter van der Meer, Board of Directors Albert Schweitzer Hospital

  • “We have all experienced it before. Running into someone on the golf course or in the elevator but not able to remember off the top of your head who this person is. Finding out if you are able to have a meaningful business relationship becomes easier thanks to FLOOW2 Community.”

    Kim Tjoa, Founder FLOOW2
  • “It’s great if someone else can benefit from the stuff you no longer use or need. Our ‘s Heeren Loo marketplace facilitates this in a safe and easy manner. Make it work to your advantage!”

    Lucie Witteveen, Facility Projectleader
  • “We noticed the need from our members to collaborate and connect more, to get more out of their membership. This community website gives them the online tool to do so.”

    Joop van Gulik, Chair, Business Association De Toestroom