Sharing Marketplace

The main feature of the platform is the sharing marketplace. The different departments or facilities of your company will receive access to the marketplace, enabling them to post equipment, services, facilities and knowledge of personnel. They can also use the marketplace to search for what they need through the items of other departments in stead of acquiring new.

Using these assets more efficiently provides your business with significant financial and sustainable advantages.


Member guide

Would you like to create an overview of all of those who are active on the internal sharing marketplace? Add the member guide to your platform. This interactive, online list creates a clear overview of all contacts who are in charge of asset sharing within their department or facility.

Each contact has their own profile page with personal and business information, a headshot, and more.


News page

You can also add a news page to your platform. On here, you are able to place your own news items about new items, activities, events, and much more. You could also invite members to send in their own news about, for example, fun deals, unique collaborations, milestones, etc.


Photo album

Say cheese! We all like to see and be seen. Adding a photo album with pictures from events, anniversaries, deals or other meetings will only improve the connection between departments.


Events page

Make sure everyone stays up to date with the events page. Use the page to post your own events, activities and other noteworthy happenings. You can also invite members to send in dates for their own events.




The FLOOW2 support team teaches the platform manager the necessary skills to independently add information and make adjustments to the website.


The FLOOW2 team provides selective support to the platform manager once the website is set up.


The FLOOW2 team provides full support to platform manager and users once the website is set up.




We are stronger together than we are alone. Connect the departments within your business by facilitating an environment in which they can exchange knowledge, set up appointments and discuss internal issues.

Corporate identity

This internal sharing marketplace can be dressed in your corporate identity. On the homepage, we can place a header of your choice, intergrate the search engine of the sharing marketplace, and add other features you wish to highlight.

Other wishes

Each internal sharing marketplace will be tailor-made to suit your specific needs and wishes. Integrating social media channels? Adding sign up forms for events? Adding other different features? No problem, our team can make it happen.