The idea is as simple as it can be: using collaboration and sharing within a business or organization to make an existing business model more financially efficient. The tailor-made platforms from FLOOW2 Community enable businesses, healthcare organizations, business networks and government institutions to make smarter and more sustainable use of their products, services and assets.

Sharing within a business network

FLOOW2 Community provides businesses and professionals that already connect regularly in an existing network with a way to enhance daily business through collaboration and sharing. The FLOOW2 Community sharing marketplace and member guide make assets visible and strengthens connections between the members, creating a strong, modern and community oriented business environment.

Sharing within a business or organization

The internal sharing marketplace designed by FLOOW2 Community provides different departments, locations or units of an organization with a way to make more efficient use of existing assets and as a result save cost. Excess equipment, stock, services facilities and knowledge of personnel can be placed on the sharing marketplace by one department and used by another instead of acquired new.

Saving costs

Making more efficient use of existing assets leads to cost saving. Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, the Netherlands has saved 25.000 euro since the implementation of the internal sharing marketplace ‘WinWin’ in May of 2016.

FLOOW2 for every community

FLOOW2 Community is available for all business, business networks, healthcare organizations and governmental institutions that are interested in an innovative and sustainable business model to save costs, make smarter use of assets, and enhance the community feel.

Sharing assets contributes to the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of aspirational “Global Goals” that support future international development in the sustainability area.