’s Heeren Loo, a Dutch disability care organization launched their own sharing marketplace on June 18th, in collaboration with FLOOW2 Healthcare. The idea is simple: an online platform matches supply and demand of unused stuff, facilities, stock and services that can be (temporarily) put to use at other places within the organization. The aim is to use everything that is already available more efficiently in order to work in a more sustainable manner. 

The organization has more than 100 locations across the Netherlands and is one of the largest disability care organisations of the country. They are the first in their branche to implement a sharing marketplace (several hospitals and other organizations went before them). Employees can place advertisements for supply or demand of professional capacity, such as furniture, services or facilities, and sell, swap or give away between locations.

There are 3 advantages to sharing capacity:

  • Financial: Costs can be saved by making better use of already available materials, stock, facilities and knowledge.
  • Sustainable: making more efficient use of already available capacity leads to a reduction of newly produced goods, which helps save energy and resources.
  • Social: sharing of materials, facilities and services creates a whole new organizational dynamic in which collaboration, connection and creating win-win situations is stimulated.

“I know from experience that we throw away stuff because it is simply no longer of use to someone and taking up precious storage space. What a waste! More often than not, there is nothing wrong with these items and they can be of great value to someone else within the organization. It is just that until now, we had no opportunity to match this supply and demand. In addition to that, now we are also contributing to a more sustainable world AND our locations are still able to buy ‘new’ goods with a smaller budget. ….. I really just see win-win-win situations for our organization”, says Lucie Witteveen, Facility Projectleader ’s Heeren Loo.

’s Heeren Loo has a committed strategy on sustainability. They have implemented several sustainable practices, such as energy saving, electric vehicles, trash separating and vegetable gardens. With the internal sharing marketplace they can make more efficient use of already available capacity whilst also saving costs. This fits their CSR policy perfectly!

“’s Heeren Loo is the first disability care organization to embrace the sharing economy in this way and put it to use for a healthier healthcare. They are global market leaders for a circular economy in healthcare and an inspiration for other care organizations worldwide.” – Lieke van Kerkhoven, co-founder FLOOW2 Healthcare.


‘s Heeren Loo contactdetails: 
Esther Visser or Stephanie van Erve, press officers ‘s Heeren Loo
Telefoon 088-0370777