The business website for your network or community

The business website is a unique tool for all businesses and professionals that connect regularly within an existing network. The website provides all parties with the possibility to build a strong community by making it possible to collaborate and share.

Members of the community can visit the platform for standard information and activities but most of all to engage in “asset sharing” on the marketplace and connect with others through the interactive business guide.

A strong, connected network is imperative to the success of any business community. This website makes companies and their employees visible, connects the users and makes networking, collaboration and sharing part of daily business.


✔ More business
✔ Additional revenue and saving costs
✔ Connects businesses in the network
✔ Stimulates innovative entrepreneurship
✔ Exposure of business activities
✔ Way for members to promote special offers for products and services
✔ Efficient use of assets and personnel
✔ Presentation tool for your community

Suitable for

✔ Business parks
✔ Purchasing organizations
✔ Networking organizations
✔ Business complexes
✔ Associations of undertakings
✔ Other organizations with a membership base