The business website for your sponsors

The business website is a versatile, exclusive tool for the sponsors of your sports organization. They will be able to visit the website to keep track of games, events, activities and news, but most of all to engange in “asset sharing” and promoting their products and services on the marketplace and connect with others through the interactive sponsor guide.

A strong, connected network of sponsors is imperative to the success of any sports organization. This website connects the sponsors of your organization, enabling them make financial and social gains.


✔ Extra service for your sponsors
✔ Additional revenue model
✔ Connect sponsors
✔ Makes sponsoring even more attractive
✔ Stimulates innovative entrepreneurship
✔ Presentation tool for your organization

Advantages for sponsors:

✔ Exposure of business activities
✔ Additional revenue and cost saving through asset sharing
✔ Efficient way to collaborate, connect and network
✔ Way to promote special offers for products and services
✔ More business

Suitable for:

✔ Football (soccer) clubs
✔ Golf clubs and parks
✔ Tennis clubs
✔ Proffesional sports teams
✔ Other sports organizations with sponsors