Success stories

Success stories are there to share and we love doing just that. Take a look at the stories of networks, sportclubs, businesses and (healthcare) organizations that have been using this new and unique business website or internal sharing marketplace.

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“An imperative part of the success of the ‘NL Circular Hotspot’ will be building a strong community in which everyone contributes to the campaign. To ensure success, we are collaborating with FLOOW2 to create the innovative website.”

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Team Netherlands Circular Hotspot


“Our business website is a unique portal on which all business activities come together with a company guide and sharing marketplace.”

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Berry van Gool,
Director Willem II Tilburg BV


“The internal sharing marketplace that FLOOW2 developed for us is the perfect opportunity to limit waste, help each other and make efficient use of our funds.”

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Peter van der Meer,
Board of Directors Albert Schweitzer Hospital


“The internal sharing marketplace gives all different VDL locations the tool to make more efficient use of exisiting company  assets. “

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VDL Group