The popularity of the sharing economy is rapidly growing, undoubtedly for businesses as well. The NAB (National Australia Bank) estimates that the sharing economy in Australia is currently growing at around 140% per year. With 1 in 5 Australian firms viewing the sharing economy as positive for their business and believing the sharing economy will continue to grow, albeit gradually. 

So, there is no doubt that the term “sharing economy” has become a staple in our current society, and due to less available raw materials making more efficient use of what we already have is becoming more important every day. That’s why FLOOW2 provides businesses and organisations since 2012 with a B2B Sharing Marketplace that allows them to take on a fitting new business model: sharing assets. Sharing assets is an integral part of the development towards a more circular economy, in which loops are closed.

FLOOW2 Australia

FLOOW2 heads for Australia 
After crossing boarders to the USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia and Georgia (Rep.), FLOOW2 is now heading for Australia. From now on it’s possible for businesses in Australia to swap, sell or share their unused assets, services, facilities and personnel through FLOOW2’s online sharing marketplace. “
We are proud to present two new sharing projects in Queensland and Adelaide, which we’ve set up with our local partners Jodie Bricout (Lifecycles) and Ashleigh Morris (The Circular Experiment). Two passionate women who want to accelerate the circular economy in Australia”, says Kim Tjoa – Co-Founder of FLOOW2.

For the asset sharing project in Queensland FLOOW2 has created a white-label sharing marketplace called Coastshare. This B2B Sharing Marketplace enables businesses and (healthcare) organizations in Queensland to share equipment, materials, components, services and knowledge. As a result, this will bring them financial, sustainable and social benefits. “With the incredible support of the FLOOW2 team we created a B2B sharing platform for our region in Australia to create additional revenue for businesses, reduce the purchase of new products and the landfilling of unused ones and get businesses working together”, says Ashleigh Morris, Project Leader of Coastshare.

Northern Adelaide
The Northern Adelaide region is a significant contributor to the South Australian economy. Northern Adelaide is on the cusp of change and to achieve growth, industry will need to innovate and collaborate. “With the Northern Adelaide Sharing Marketplace, we propose to connect businesses in the North to make the most of their materials and assets. FLOOW2 created a personalized sharing marketplace for us in order to get business share their assets locally, to reduce waste and to create a local circular economy”, says Jodie Bricout, Lifecycles. FLOOW2 will travel to Adelaide on 15-16 November to speak about sharing assets at the ‘Powering the change to a circular economy’ conference.

Want to activate the B2B Sharing Economy in a particular country, region or city? 
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